Max Milligan - Homage (VaVoom MAX001) - released September 2007
Max Milligan - Homage  
  1. Brother
    2. Song for Eric
    3. Windy and Warm
    4. Something about your way
    5. Valerie
    7. Heard it through the grapevine
    8. Alfonso's Rag
    9. Song for Vikki
    10. Another Monday / Anji
  11. They're red hot
    12. The lemon tree
    13. Right Here
    14. Tropea
"After many years playing various styles, I decided to go back to where I started, the acoustic guitar, and just having fun playing some nice tunes. I hope you enjoy listening" Max

Max Milligan (guitar, bass, percussion)
Denny McCaffery (congas and percussion on brother and grapevine)
William (flow) Toulman (congas on the lemon tree)
Laura Bettinson (vocals on Something about your way and Right Here)
Emily Kirby Ashmore (backing vocals on Something about your way)
Cherry Lee Mewis (vocals on They're red hot)
Dave Harvey (fretless bass on Tropea)
Barry Upton (engineer and keyboards on Tropea)
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