John Verity Band - re-released 2008
John Verity Band  
    1. Schoolgirl
    2. 5000 miles
    3. I wish
  4. People
    5. Hitch-Hiker
    6. Gimme some lovin'
    7. So hard so long
    8. It's alright
    9. Back on the road again
This album, the very first recordings by the John Verity Band is a window into all that was to come.
Recorded under less than ideal circumstances during a difficult time, in a country blighted by terrorist attacks, civil unrest and the effects of a three-day week.
Despite all this the first JV Band album was recorded, the Band went on tour opening for Argent - and the rest as they say is history...

John Verity. (Vocal and guitar)
Ron Kelly. (Drums)
Gerry Smith. (Bass)
Geoff Lyth (Keyboards and guitar)
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