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Max adds enthusiasm and precision to his musical talent, to produce beautiful music both on his own and in collaboration with like minded souls...

Max Milligan has been a performing guitarist since 1973 when he formed his first rock band GONDOLIN, he gained experience in playing many styles of music with members of the Royal Air Force Southern Band based in Henlow playing various festivals and functions on airbases with The Frontliners "These guys were serious musicians and great to be around, nothing was too much trouble to explain whether it was basic theory or jazz harmony". This led him to be chosen as the resident guitarist at The Nite Spot, a 650 seat theatre on the Bedford embankment.



Between 1976-78 he backed numerous U.K. and U.S. artists at the club playing in Breeze and The Dave Hammond Set. Some of the highlights were working with Matt Monroe, Diane Solomon and Georgie Fame. He then gained a chance to audition for The New Dakotas, backing sixties legend Billy J Kramer, eventually touring with the band for two years. There were some great players in the band over this time. Kit Morgan (Guitar) Dave Hammond (Keyboards) Jeff Taylor (Bass Guitar) Martin Wild on Drums (who went on to tour with The Monkees/ Alan Price Band).


During the 80's he joined the premier Soul/Funk band from Bedford OCEAN. They toured the U.K. mostly playing the American airbases. Then followed countless sessions in the U.K. (Townhouse, Battery, Battle and New York (Midi City , Madonna's studio 1987) and working at the Guitar Institute, Acton, London for 12 years.


He continued his love of Jazz/ Funk and Blues playing in Nasuna with Dave Harvey (Bass) and Tony Morton (Drums) and J.B.Q. a Jazz/Blues Hammond organ quartet. Max was also the dep. Guitarist for Geoff Whitehorn on the West-End musical 125th Street. He is always busy composing incidental music for T.V. companies and songwriting. music and backing arrangements for The Oblivious Brothers, Midnight Express, The Handbag Honeyz and Charlotte Henry.

Max has worked with our own John Verity and Cherry Lee Mewis, check out Max's style and treat yourself to a CD


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